Your pure energy, Jirisansoo
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    Natural Mineral Water Story

    The story of Jirisansoo,
    a natural mineral water alive with the breath of clean nature.

    Jirisan Mountain is located 1,915 m above the sea level, the highest mountain in the Korean Peninsula.
    We deliver pure water, clean and fresh air, and the vibrant energy of Jirisan′s pure nature in each bottle of OURHOME Jirisansoo.

    Jirisan Mountain is the first and largest national park in Korea because of its grandness and value, and was designated as National Park No. 1 in 1967.a vast area of 483.022 square kilometers and 320 square kilometers. Jirisan Mountain, which has a circumference, has many mountain ranges, both large and small, stretched in branches. The three main peaks of Cheonwangbong Peak (1,915 m), Banyabong Peak (1,732 m), and Nogodan Peak (1,507 m). The valleys are located between the 20 ridges. Jirisan Mountain's pure, unpolluted water is a gift from clean mountains that preserve the mysteries of nature.

  • Cheonwangbong Peak, 1,915 m
    200m underground
    지역 천왕봉

    Cheonwangbong Peak,
    the epitome of Jirisan
    Mountain’s cleanliness

    Jirisansoo is drawn from the primal forests south of Cheonwangbong Peak and from a natural underground spring 200 m under the ground level. Cheonwangbong Peak, 1,915 m Source 200 m underground

    Jirisan Mountain, which was designated as Korea's first national park on December 29, 1967, is located in three provinces, one city, four counties, 15 towns and villages. It is a mountainous national park with the largest area of 22 national parks, with an administrative district and an area of 483.022km 49,027 species (2017.12 standard) are a clean natural habitat where abundant species live, and they also create diverse cultures where East and West, Yeongnam and Honam meet each other. Jirisan Mountain area is characterized by many high peaks and magnificent and elegant valleys.


Clean Jirisansoo

Reliable and safe until it reaches
the mouth

There are many clean and clear water in the world,
but how many ofthem keep their pureness all the way
until it is consumed?

Jirisansoo’s Cleaning System

Our cutting-edge cleaning system captures the cleanliness of Jirisan Mountain’s
nature to produce the world’s most reliable water.
Jirisansoo keeps its natural pureness all the way until it is consumed.

  • 01

    ozone treatments

  • 02

    chemical treatments

  • 03

    harmful materials

  • At least once a day

    Safety checks on taste, smell, coloration, turbidity, temperature, and ion concentrations

  • At least twice a week

    Microbacterial evaluation

  • At least twice a year

    Drinking water quality assessment

  • At least twice a year

    Environmental hormone evaluation


How Jirisansoo is produced

From sourcing to packaging, Jirisansoo is made with the cutting-edge aseptic facility.
We produce our own bottles to prevent secondary contamination.
We do not use an ozone treatment to prevent the generation of bromates,which are considered as potential carcinogens.

Jirisan Water is produced through the state-of-the-art facilities of Krones, the only world-class German company in Korea It is rich in minerals because it is produced only through filtration and ultraviolet sterilization in the process. Also, it is clean and safe water that boasts a global level of production and quality control system by obtaining ISO9001 certification.



The best palate found in Jirisan Mountain Jirisansoo’s hardness is optimized for the palate at 45~70 mg/L.

Soft water Hard water
45~70mg/L Optimized palate

What is hardness?

The amount and balance of calcium and magnesium content in water
An essential factor in the taste and palate of water

Jirisansoo Water Mineral Content

  • Ca Calcium
  • Na Sodium
  • Mg Magnesium
  • K Potassium
  • F Fluorine

Hydrogen ion concentration

pH 7.7~8.3
Healthy medicinal alkaline water


Water Quality Analysis

Jirisansoo has a pure and exquisite taste thanks to its calcium and potassium content.

Chemical analysis report(Unit: mg/L)

Ionized hydrogen



Organic minerals



Effects of mineral content on the taste of water

Effects of mineral content on the taste of water
Classification Taste
Amount (+) Calcium Improves taste and sweetness
Potassium Improves taste but may cause bitterness in excess
Effects of mineral content on the taste of water
Classification Taste
Negative relationship (-) Magnesium Bitter and sour taste in excess
Sodium Bitter, astringent, and salty taste in excess

Source: Water Sommelier Training Program and Tasting Index Development Program (2012 Task Report, K-water Corporation)

with jirisansoo

Better Together, Jirisansoo

  • For a regular
    water drinking habit
  • For healthy skin
  • For cleansing
    body toxins
  • For a better
  • For rehydration
    after exercise
  • For a respite
    from microdust
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Detailed information

Detailed information
Source Area / Manufacturer 460, Samsinbong-ro, Sacheon-myeon, Sancheong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do, Republic of Korea / Fine Bio Co., Ltd.
Source Underground water from bedrock areas
Expiration date Six months from production
Method of storage Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.
After opening, close the lid tightly, refrigerate, and consume as soon as possible.
Caution Freezing or boiling may result in white precipitates, which are natural mineral content and, thus, have nothing to do with the quality of the product.
If the container is damaged or tampered, do not consume the product.
Do not pour hot water into the container or use it to heat water.
Do not use the container other than for its intended purpose to avoid damages or changes to it.
Quality Assurance Standards In case of damages, this product may be exchanged or compensated under the Fair Trade Commission’s “Consumer Dispute Resolution Criteria.”